Cat6 Bare Copper: One of the Best Ethernet Cables In Present-Day

What are the main concerns of any network structure? It is its speed and connectivity issues. The user of the networks expects to get the best results from their network to generate greater outputs. This can only be achieved if networks are designed properly and the right resources are used in them.

One of the main resources used in the designing of effective and efficient networks is the Ethernet cable. They are one of the basic components of these networks. A slight wrong selection in it ruins the whole network. This is why network engineers adopt special care and precaution while choosing the Ethernet cables.

There are some different variants of Ethernet cables are available in the market. Some are getting obsolete with time while some are getting popularity among the users due to their efficiency and productivity. Some variants are of advanced level and not preferred to use in the normal network designs.

The Ethernet cable variants that are hugely in demand these days are the Cat5e and cat6 bare copper. They come with enough features and qualities that are required to fulfill the demands of modernized networks. It can be a home network or a commercial network.

Especially, the use of pure copper cat6 ethernet cable is increasing with time due to its better performance and features. It is the upgraded version of Cat5e with enhanced features and qualities. It provides better data transfer speeds at longer distances with greater bandwidths as well.

Cat6 cable variants can be classified into different categories according to their different features. It can be their jacket ratings or it can be their shielding feature. In this article, we will discuss all these variants separately to understand the differences between them.

Cat6 Bare Copper Variants Based on Jacket Ratings: –

The jacket of the cable plays an important role in its functionality and productivity. Cat6 cable is manufactured by the makers in different jacket types. All of them have different uses and installation instructions.

The three jacket types used in Cat6 manufacturing are listed below:-

  1. Plenum-Rated Cable
  2. Riser-Rated Cable
  3. PVC-Rated Cable

Plenum-Rated Cable:

It is also known as CMP (Communication Multipurpose Cable, Plenum). Plenum-rated cables are highly categorized in the Ethernet industry due to their great quality. The plenum jacket has great strength and flexibility.

It is made from a highly flame-retardant PVC material. The PVC material of plenum jackets is normally comprised of (Polyvinyl Chloride) or FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Polymer). It resists fire and helps in stopping its extension. It produces low-smoke with no toxic substance. This is why it is regarded higher in the Ethernet cables.

The plenum-rated Ethernet cables are usually used at the plenum spaces of the building structures. Normally, the ventilation ducts and pipes are nominated as plenum spaces in the newly built buildings. These plenum-rated cables are built to install in these spaces.

The plenum cable with bare copper conductors is more expensive as compared to other rated cables. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it at riser or outdoor spaces. Although there are no restrictions on its installation at these spaces as well. The reason for not recommending installing is that it will increase your cost to a great extent.

Riser-Rated Cable:

It is also known as CMR (Communication Multipurpose Cable, Riser). The riser jacket is also made from high-grade PVC material known as Polyvinyl Chloride. It is effectively flame-retardant and prevents its extension in case of fire. It produces very low smoke with no toxic substance in it.

The Riser-rated jackets can be used in place of CM cables but they are not the replacement of CMP cables. They are manufactured to be installed at the riser or vertical spaces in the building structures. The most use of this cable is in the Wall.

The riser-rated Ethernet cable with bare copper conductors is also expensive but less expensive than plenum ones. You can also use these cables outdoors. They are quite strong and sturdy by nature. They can handle the roughness of the environmental factors efficiently.

PVC-Rated Cable:

It is the most common cable jacket. These cables are also known as CM (Communication Multipurpose). The jacket material of these cables is also Polyvinyl Chloride but of low grade. This is why it is not preferable to use it indoors. They also can fight against fire but are not capable as much as CMP and CMR cables are good in it.

The CM cables cannot be used at the spaces that are marked as plenum or riser. These are the least expensive cables among all other jacket cables. It is always been recommended to the users to select the Ethernet cable according to their needs and requirements rather than on pricing factor. This will help you in making the right buying decision.

Cat6 Bare Copper Variants based on Shielding: 

The second way to differentiate the Cat6 cable variants is based on their shielding. Usually, two types of shielding come in these cables. You will find some other types of shielding as well in these cables but the below-mentioned two types are the most utilized ones.

  1. Shielded Cables
  2. Unshielded Cables

Shielded Cable:

It is also known as STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) cable. Every Ethernet cable normally accompanies 4 twisted pairs of wires. These bare copper conductor wires transmit the information from one end to the other end of the wire.

In some cables, these twisted pairs of wires are covered with an extra coating. This extra coating is done through a foiling sheet. In some cases, each pair is coated separately while in some all four pairs are coated altogether with the same foiling sheet.

This extra coating on the conductor wires makes the cable extra efficient and productive. It enhances its performance against properties like crosstalk and EMI. This extra coating decreases the interference factors that increase the network speeds and performance.

The shielded bare copper Ethernet cable is much more expensive in comparison to unshielded cables. This is why most of the home users and small commercial networks do not opt for this cable. They are mainly used in server rooms and other high-tech places where the network connectivity and speed importance is far greater than normal places.

Unshielded Cable:

It is also called UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cable. The only difference between STP and UTP is the extra foil coating. This cable has no extra foil coating on the twisted pairs of wires. This reduces their efficiency a little bit in comparison to STP cable. They are also very good against crosstalk and EMI properties but not as good as STP cable.

Cat6 Bare Copper Ethernet Performance:

Cat6 is faster than Cat5 and Cat5e variants. It supports a data transfer speed of 10Gpbs up to 164 feet or 50 meters. It comes with an improved bandwidth of 550MHz as well in comparison to Cat5e 350MHz. It is normally available in a 1000ft box. This easy-pull box comes with a ripcord that makes its usage easy and convenient for users. With that, it is available in different colors in the market. Users can select any color of their choice according to their needs and demands.

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