When And Why You Need Cat6 Plenum Cable?

Networking is a field of specialists. An ordinary layman cannot design an efficient and effective networking structure. Even if a specialist is working on its design, they need proper equipment and resources for this purpose. Otherwise, they may end up with useless and inefficient networking designs.

The selection of Ethernet cables plays a vital role in making the networking design efficient and effective for the users. Therefore, they need to select them with great care and caution. One should understand the needs and requirements of the network structure properly that they are designing.

Generally, there are two types of Ethernet cables that are mostly used by network designers.

  • Plenum Ethernet Cables
  • Riser Ethernet Cables

Now, this is the point where designers need to understand the requirements of their network structure because it will tell them to choose the right Ethernet cables for it. The two types of Ethernet cables are designed specifically for different purposes.

The plenum Ethernet cable suggests from its name that it is designed to be installed at the plenum places of the building such as ventilation pipes, under risen floors, and others. Similarly, a riser Ethernet cable is designed to be installed in outdoors.

Types of Plenum Ethernet Cable:

Usually, plenum Ethernet cables are manufactured in different classifications. Users have to select one according to their needs and requirements. The word plenum defines the nature of the cable itself. It means a cable jacketed with a fire-retardant coating and can be installed at the plenum spaces of the building.

The materials used for their manufacturing are highly inflammable and do not produce toxic smoke in case, fir catches it. These cables are divided into different categories according to their manufacturing. This is why they named Cat cables.

Some popular category 5 cables are known as Cat5e and Cat5. Similarly, in category 6 we find cables like Cat6, Cat6a. Normally, these cables come in the form of 1000ft rolls and are sold in bulk quantities. These bulk quantities are used to design networks in houses and commercial buildings.

Cat6a cable is one of the most costly Ethernet cables used in network designing. After Cat6a cable the next expensive cable is the Cat6 followed by Cat5e and then Cat5. The cost of the cable depends on its better specifications and features. Therefore, it is clear from the above sequence that Cat6e cable is the most efficient one among all those and this is why it is the most expensive one.

The users can select an appropriate Ethernet cable according to their budget limits and needs. For instance, if you are low on budget and looking for an efficient networking cable then Cat5e plenum is the best available option for you. It comes with decent features and qualities that give your network a smooth run.

Most of these Ethernet cables are available from 23AWG to 26AWG (American wire gauge). AWG is the parameter to measure the thickness of the wires concerning their diameters. 23AWG is a thicker cable than 24AWG cable.

The conductors used in these cables to transmit information can be pure copper or copper-clad aluminium. Each of these cables consists of 4 twisted pairs of cables that are the standard number of pairs in Ethernet cables. They are quite efficient in the case of cross-talks and EMI (electromagnetic interference).

Cat6 Plenum Cable and Its Specifications:

This cable is known as Cat6 CMP cable (Communication Multipurpose cable, Plenum). This cable is successfully tested against category 6 specifications and fulfills its requirements efficiently. It comes with a special coating that protects it against fire. In case a fire catches it, it will produce any toxic smoke.

There are two types of fire-resistant cables manufactured in the USA according to two different sets of standards. One is UL (Underwriters Laboratories) cable standards that are made from polyvinyl chloride. The second set of standards are the European one that is LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) cables.

Normally, the Cat6 plenum cable is manufactured under UL standards in the USA. It fulfills all the specifications and features that come under UL190 safety fire standards. Thus, this cable is highly efficient and fire retardant. It does not burn off fumes and does not produce toxic smoke. This is why it is an ideal cable to be installed at the plenum spaces of the buildings.

Uses of Cat6 Plenum Cable:

A Cat6 plenum cable is recognized as one of the most efficient and effective networking cables. It can be used in the networks for 100BASE-TX (Fast Ethernet), 1000BASE-TX (Gigabit Ethernet), or 10BASE-T (Ethernet).

Though, you need to check the building structure first before buying this Cat6 plenum cable that whether the building has plenum air return spaces or not. In most modern-day buildings during their construction, plenum spaces are left for the installation of cables. In case, these spaces are missing then it is useless to purchase these expensive Cat6 cables.

These cables are highly recommended to be installed in the IT centers and computer rooms for exclusive results. These rooms are mostly designed with raised flooring. The spaces below the floors work perfectly to install these plenum cables. Air circulates through these spaces and keeps the cables cool and stable. For high efficiency and better network speeds, Cat6 plenum cables are highly recommended by the designers. Especially, when you are looking to design a network for multiple users where data speed is the main concern. itechcables provide you with the best results.

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