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The 24V PoE Gigabit Ethernet Surge & Lightning Protector is an economical 10/100/1000 (Gigabit) way to protect important devices from surges produced by lightning and power supply fluctuations. Its complete body is made from metal material that provides protection against EMI factors.

It comes with integrated mounting feet and a ground wire option that improves its performance to a great deal. The 24v Gigabit Ethernet surge and lightning protector is specially designed to be used indoors but individuals can also use it outdoors by installing the ENC-ESP-100-POE24 outdoor enclosure with it.

It is compatible with all PoE systems running at 24V with surge protection on all wire pairs. You can buy these 24V PoE Gigabit Ethernet Surge & Lightning Protector from iTechCables at economical prices. We deliver your order to your doorstep for your convenience and support.

Quality Features of Surge & Lightning Protector:

  • Works perfectly with 24V PoE devices (Standard 802.3at, Mode B).
  • Comes with silicon avalanche diodes in Solid-state with integrated TVS.
  • Works perfectly at low and clamping voltages.
  • It has high-speed data line ESD protection.
  • Contains small 3-pole gas discharge tubes
  • Contains an overcurrent control switch.
  • Falls under RoHS compliance.
  • 10/100/1000 Gigabit Shielded RJ45 connector.

Electrical Specifications







Low Capacitance TVS Diodes Array

ESD IEC 61000-4-2

EFT IEC 61000-4-4

Lightning IEC 61000-4-5

15 kV (Air), 8kV (contact) 40 A (5/50ns)

12 A (8/20µs)

Peak Pulse Power (tp.=8/20µs) 300 Watts
Peak Pulse Current (tp.=8/20µs) 12 A
Reverse Stand-Off Voltage 5 V Max.
Reverse Breakdown Voltage 6 V Min. (It=1mA)
Reverse Leakage Current 5 µA (VRWM=5V, T=25ºC)
Forward Voltage 1.2 V (If=15mA)

Clamping Voltage

12.5 V @ 1A, tp.=8/20µs

17.5 V @ 5A, tp.=8/20µs

25 V @ 12A, tp.=8/20µs

Junction Capacitance Typical: 3pF; Max. 5pF




Protection Thyristors

Voltage off State 58 VDRM @ 5 µs
Voltage Break over 77 Vs. @ 100 V/µs
Voltage On State 5 V
Current Hold 150 mA
Current Peak Pulse 400 A (8/20µs)
Current Peak Pulse 100 A (8/1000µs)
Capacitance (@1MHz, 2V Bias) 85pF max.
55pF min.






Miniature 3-Pole Gas Discharge Tube

DC Spark over ±20%@100V/s 150 V
Impulse Spark over 350 V (100 V/µs)
500 V (1000 V/µs)
Impulse Transverse Delay <75 ns (100 V/µs)
Insulation Resistance >1010 Ω (100 V)
Glow Voltage ~70 V (10 mA)
Arc Voltage ~10 V (1 A)
Capacitance < 2pF (1 MHz)
DC Holdover Voltage < 150 ms. (80 V)
Impulse Discharge Current >10 Operations (1000A, 8/20µs)
Climatic Category (IEC 60068-1) 40/90/21


Overcurrent Protection Switch (Voltage: 30 V max., AC or DC)

Hold Rated Current 1.1 A @ 23°C. Hold
Current Ratings 1.1 A Hold & 2.2 A Trip @ 23°C.
Initial Resistant Values 0.1Ω Min., 0.18Ω Max. @ 23°C.
Time to Trip 6.6 Seconds @ 5.5A @ 23°C.
1hr Post-Trip Resistance Std. Trip 0.27 Ω @ 23°C.
Tripped-State Power Dissipation 0.70W @ 23°C Nom.


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