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We are delivering different types of coaxial cable adapters to our customers according to their needs and requirements. Our 4.1/9.5 female to N male adapter is one of them. This high-quality adapter help the coax cables in delivering the desired results. The quality manufacturing of the adapter increases its performance and life both. This 50 Ohm adapter is capable of working at a maximum frequency of up to 6GHz.

Mechanical Features

Body Material Brass  
Central Contact Material Brass  
Insulator Material PTFE  
Body Finish Trimetal Plating N/4.1/9.5
NUT Nickel Plating N
Center Contact Finish Silver Plating N/4.1/9.5
Gasket Silicon Rubber  



Mechanical Characteristics

Center Contact Retention
Axial Force 28 N mini
Torque 0.1 N.M mini


Electrical Features

VSWR 1.25 [email protected]—3GHz
IMD (2”43dBm) <= — 165dBC
Insulation Resistance (Mohm) >=5000
Withstanding Voltage AC(V/min) >=2500V
Working Temperature -40 to +85 C


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