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Outside Ethernet Surge Protector is a flow saving gadget that is embedded inline on a RJ45 CAT6/CAT5/CAT5e cable to stop harm of electronic systems networking gear. It tends to be mounted outside, and its protection against atmospheric conditions (weatherproof IP44) proves to be very useful for the network administrators. It is built in a container form that can get locked.

It protects the devices from strong surges like lightning strikes, voltage spikes, or PoE overvoltage. Regardless of the main safety (an immediate attack to a line), the thunder arrestor likewise offers supporting safety that will stop EMF actuated surges.

Gas release tubes are created to beat a portion of the weaknesses of diode-based defenders like energy taking ability and is appropriate for all types of surges, regardless of frequency variance, it tends to be obstructed by a gas release tube surge arrestor. Therefore, it gives a thorough flash release control execution.

Ethernet Surge Suppressor TP303 utilize a Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) on each of the 4 sets (8 wires). Gas release tubes scatter the voltage transient through a contained plasma gas which outfits overabundance voltage in the approaching power and deliveries it securely.

Quality Features
Max. Current Discharge (8/20μs) 10 KA
Minimal PoE Voltage <60 V
PoE Current up to 2A
PoE Mode Support Mode A & Mode B for Power
Protection Modes Line-Line, Line-Ground
Tested Standards IEC 61643-21, IEC61000-4-5
Clamping Voltage Line-Ground 72 Volts
Clamping Voltage Line-Line 72 Volts
Impedance 100 Ohms
Operating Temperature -40 C to +80 C


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