Cat7 Plenum Pure Copper 850 MHz 1000ft FFTP Bulk Ethernet Cable


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  • Conductor : 23AWG Solid Conductors
  • Shielding : Shielded Twisted Pair
  • Jacket type : HDPE
  • Box Type : Spool Packaging
  • Frequency : Tested to 850 MHz’s.
  • MODEL:IT-C7/PA001
  • WEIGHT: 45.00lb
  • DIMENSIONS:15.00in x 15.00in x 10.00in
  • SKU:IT-C7/PA001-BLACK-1

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25 in stock


The use of advanced Ethernet cables enhances the performance of the networks a great deal. Cat7 Plenum FFTP is a great addition to these cables. Its ability to work at 850 MHz is one of its great features. The cable is equipped with 23AWG bare copper conductor wires that deliver high-quality performance.

Cat7 FFTP pure copper cable is an ideal option for indoor voice, video, and data transmission applications. It is specially designed to be installed in the plenum spaces of the buildings. The fire-retardant jacket of the cable makes it a safe and secure option. It is best to install both at home and on commercial networks.

Cat7 plenum pure copper cable is comprised of 4 pairs (8 Conductor Wires) of conductor wires. These wires are made of pure copper material. It is considered one of the best conductor materials for the transmission of energy. The conductor wires are insulated with top-quality polyethylene material known as HDPE. This fire-resistant jacket material is the basic need of modern-day Ethernet cables.

Our Cat7 FFTP variant is the best to fight against interference factors like crosstalk and EMI. It comes with extra foiling shielding. This shielding improves the performance of the cable against interference factors to a great deal.

We provide this cable in bulk quantities to our customers. It comes in user-friendly spool packaging. The cable comes with footage markings on it after every foot. This keeps the users aware of the length of the cable left behind in the spool. Each spool carries a 1000ft cable.

Our Cat7 Ethernet cable matches or exceeds the set quality standards according to TIA 568 C.2. The main features of our cable are defined below.

Main Features of Cat7 Plenum FFTP:

  • FFTP Cable – Extra Foiling Protection
  • Works at higher bandwidth capacity up to 850 MHz
  • Solid bare copper conductor wires
  • Comprises 4 twisted pairs of conductor wires
  • 23 AWG conductor wires
  • Conductor wires come with Polyethylene (HDPE) insulation
  • Footage marking after every foot
  • Available in convenient spool packaging.
SKU: IT-C7/PA001-BLACK-1 Categories: ,
Weight 45.0 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 in


Conductor Type/Size 23AWG
Jacket Type HDPE
Marking ISO/IES, EIA/TIA 568-C.2-1
Max Conductor DC Resistance 86
Multi Construction 4 Pair
Packaging 1000 Feet 305Meter Reel / Spool Packaging