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The lightning arrestor 2 is specially designed to be installed outdoors with applications running between the 2GHz to 6GHz bands. These lightweight and high-performance arrestors enhance the life of network devices. The insertion loss is less than 0.2dB. It provides maximum protection to the devices without any overhead.

These arrestors are used to connect the two cables together. To make this connection safe and secure a high-quality arrestor is required that makes do not let the signals drop. This will impact the performance of the cable to a great extent. Therefore, a high-quality arrestor plays a vital role in this scenario. Our lightning arrestor 2 with 6Ghz capacity is the best available option in this case.

iTechCables is a reliable source of getting these lightning arrestors. We deliver quality products to our customers at the best lowest prices. Our all products are tested and certified by the regulatory bodies of the USA. We deliver high-quality Ethernet cables and accessories.

Mechanical Specifications of Lightning Arrestor
Mating Life 500 min.
Panel Mounting Torque 10 + 2N.m
Material & Finish
Center Contact Beryllium Copper/ Gold Plate
Body Brass/ Nickel Plate
Insulator PTFE Teflon
Nut & Lock Washer Brass/ Nickel Plate
Electrical Specifications
Impedance 50 Ohm
Frequency Range 2GHz – 6GHz
V.S.W.R. 1.30 Max.
Insertion Loss 0.3dB Max.
Let through Voltage Less than +3V at 8/20us waveform
Surge Life 10times 5KA
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature -35 C to +80 C
All materials and finish complied with RoHS


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