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It is a coaxial cable designed especially for RF telecom infrastructure. It has Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) system. The cable is completely compliant with AISG EIA-485 layer1 systems. With that, power from the controller to the RET system and feed data are also fully compliant with AISG EIA-485 systems.

The cable comes with a flame-retardant outer jacket made from Polyethylene material. This makes the cable safer to be installed inside the building structures. We provide this cable in a convenient 1000ft Spool packaging.

Manufacturing Design

2 x 24 AWG (1xTwisted Pair) (DATA)
Inner Wire Material Stranded Bare Copper
Diameter (mm) 19/0.16
Insulation Material HD Polyethylene
Diameter (mm) 1.45
Color  White / Brown
4 x 20 AWG (POWER)
Centre Conductor Material Stranded Tinned Copper
Diameter (mm) 41/0.16
Insulation Material HD Polyethylene
Diameter (mm) 1.90
Color Red / Black / Green / Blue
Direction Z
Wrapping PET Mylar
First Outer Conductor Material Aluminum Foil
Overlapping ≥ 115%
Second Outer Conductor Material Tinned Copper Braid
Diameter (+/-0.01mm) 0.12
No. of wires 192
Coverage (+/-3%) 90
Filler PP
Outer Jacket PVC
  Diameter (mm) 8.20


Mechanical Features

Minimum Bending Radius
Installation 8 x D
Before Tensile Strength (MPA) ≥13.8
Aging Elongation (%) ≥100
After Tensile Strength ≥85
Aging Elongation ≥50
Cold Bend (-20 ±℃×4hrs) No Crack
Temperature Range (C) -20 to +75
Maximum Conductor DC Resistance (DATA) < 87.60 ohm/km
Maximum Conductor DC Resistance (Power) < 2.86 ohm/km
Minimum Insulation Resistance 5000.00 MΩ·km


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