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100 in stock

Coaxial cables are usually used by the telephone companies, internet providers, and cable operators to transfer data, voice, and video communications to the customers. This cable is widely used within the homes as well.

RFC – 240- FR is one of the advanced variants of 240 coaxial cable series. This cable resolves the issue of signal dropping to a great extent. It possesses advanced features and qualities that make the communication smoother and constant.

We manufacture this cable by utilizing modern-day technologies. The use of best building materials in its manufacturing make it extremely proficient and reliable for the users. Our RFC – 240- FR cable is manufactured under the set standards of regulatory bodies.

It passes all the quality standards with exception and at some points, its performance level exceeds from those set standards. This makes our coaxial cable first option for the most customers. It is available to them at a cost-effective price in a wooden Spool packaging.

Manufacturing Design

Inner Wire Material Solid Bare Copper
Diameter (mm) 1.42
Insulation Material Foamed Polyethylene
Diameter (mm) 3.81
Color Neutral
Adhesion (@ 25mm) 10 to 100N
First Outer Conductor Material Bonded Aluminum Foil
Diameter (mm) 3.94
Overlapping % 115
Second Outer Conductor Material Tinned Copper Braid
Diameter (mm) 0.12
No. of Wires 144
Jacket Type Material LSZH-FRPE
Diameter (mm) 6.10
TPE Compound DW9023B-2C (IEC60332-3)
Smoke Index Test Method IEC 61034-2
Toxicity Index Test Method IEC 60754-2
Operating Temperature (C) -40 to +85


Mechanical Features

Minimum Bending Radius (mm) 19.1
Max. Pulling Tension (N) 372
Crush Resistance of cable (Load of 700N) < 1%
Admissible Ambient Temperature (C) -40 – +85


Electrical Features

Impedance (Ω) 50
Capacitance (pF/m) 79
Velocity Ratio (%) > 84
Inner Conductor Wires- DC Resistance (ohm/km) < 10.50
Outer Conductor – DC Resistance (ohm/km) < 12.76
Peak Power rating (Kw) 5.60
Cut Off Frequency (GHz) 31.00
Dielectric Strength (VRMS) 1600.00
Insulation Resistance (MΩ/km) >5,000
Voltage Withstand (VDC) 1500
Screening Factor at 1 – 1000MHz (db) > 90





Attenuation (at 20 )

30 MHz 1.34        dB/100Ft
50 MHz 1.74        dB/100Ft
100 MHz 2.50        dB/100Ft
150 MHz 3.02        dB/100Ft
220 MHz 3.66        dB/100Ft
450 MHz 5.27        dB/100Ft
900 MHz 7.56        dB/100Ft
1500 MHz 9.88        dB/100Ft
1800 MHz 10.85     dB/100Ft
2000 MHz 11.49     dB/100Ft
2500 MHz 12.92     dB/100Ft
3000 MHz 14.36     dB/100Ft
5800 MHz 20.4        dB/100Ft


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