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The communication cables are widely used all over the world. They become a mandatory part of commercial and residential cabling structures. Especially, the use of coaxial cables is increased to a great extent due to their less cost and high efficiency qualities.

Our RG316DS (Double Shielded) coaxial cable is highly in demand due to its enhanced performance features. The double shielding feature improves the performance of the cable against interference factors and keep the signals constant. The cable is tested and certified by the regulatory bodies of the US under their set quality standards. It meets or exceeds the set performance levels efficiently.

Manufacturing Design

Inner Wire Material Stranded SPCCS
Diameter (mm) 0.18
Minimum Break Strength (N) 250
Insulation Material Solid PTFE
Diameter (mm) 1.52
Centricity (%) ≥ 85
Adhesion (@ 25mm) 30 to 60N
First Outer Conductor Material Silver Plated Bare Copper Braid
Diameter (mm) 0.10
No. of Wires 80
Second Outer Conductor Material Silver Plated Bare Copper Braid
Diameter (mm) 0.10
No. of Wires 80
Jacket Type Material FEP
Diameter (mm) 2.90
Tensile Strength (N/mm2) ≥ 23.0
Elongation at break % ≥ 325 %
Adhesion (@ 50mm) 150 to 250N


Mechanical Features

Minimum Bending Radius (mm) 15.0
Max. Pulling Tension (N) 93
Crush Resistance of cable (Load of 700N) < 1%
Storage/Operating Temperature (C) -60 – +200


Electrical Features

Impedance (Ω) 50
Capacitance (pF/m) 100
Velocity Ratio (%) > 70
Maximum Voltage (VMS) 1200
Maximum Frequency (MHz) 3000


Frequency    Attenuation (at 20 ℃)

100 MHz         38.3     dB/100Ft
200 MHz         50.5     dB/100Ft
400 MHz         70.5     dB/100Ft
1000 MHz       115.4   dB/100Ft
1500 MHz       155.5   dB/100Ft
2000 MHz      175.6   dB/100Ft
3000 MHz       200.1   dB/100Ft


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