Top 5 Advantages Of Using Cat6a Cable

A wide range of Ethernet cables is available in the market from which users can select one according to their needs and demands. Some Ethernet cable variants that are highly in demand from the users are Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a. With that, there are many other variants of Ethernet cables that are also available in the market such as Cat5, Cat7, and Cat8. Therefore, it is been a tricky choice for the users because all these cables come with different features and qualities.

The selection of the most advanced variant may resolve the network issues but it raises the cost to a great level. Similarly, selecting an Ethernet cable that is low in price but comes with very few features also causes the problem for the user as they may are not capable of resolving their issues completely. This is why it is always important to make sure that you select the right cable for your network before buying it.

In this article, we will discuss some of the great benefits that Cat6a Ethernet Cable brings with it. It allows you to understand its working and worth properly. In the future, if you have to buy an Ethernet cable then this article may guide you to take the correct decision.

1.   Availability Cat6a Cable in Different Jacket Types

The jacket type plays an important role in enhancing the worth of an Ethernet cable. Network engineers remain very cautious in their selection. The Cat6a cable is manufactured in different jacket types by different manufacturers. Each of them has its qualities and features. It depends on your requirements which cable jacket fulfills them efficiently.

Plenum Rated Jacket Type

It is rated as one of the most superior Ethernet cables. Mostly, the plenum-rated Ethernet cables are manufactured to be installed at the plenum spaces of the buildings. Its biggest benefit is that it can also be installed in place of riser and PVC-rated cables. The plenum jacket type is made from very fine quality polyvinyl chloride material. The Cat6a plenum-rated jacket cable is fire-retardant and UV resistant. It does not produce any toxic smoke if fire catches it.

Riser Rated Jacket Type  

The second jacket type in which Cat6a cable is available is the Riser. It is made from high-quality polyvinyl chloride material. It also comes with features like fire-resistant and UV resistance. The drawback with these cables is that they can only be installed at the riser space of the building. They cannot be used in plenum spaces.

PVC Rated Cat6a Cable

It is the least in-demand cable of all the jacket types. PVC-rated Ethernet cable is used to be installed in the outdoors only. They are not for indoor installing. Their price is much less than plenum and riser jacket type cables but with that their usage is also limited.

2.   Shielded VS Unshielded

Ethernet cables are of two types according to their shielding structures.

  • Shielded Ethernet Cable
  • Unshielded Ethernet Cable

Now let’s discuss the main difference between these two Ethernet Cables.

Shielded Cat6a Ethernet Cable

The shielded cable comes with an extra coating on its inner 4 pairs of twisted wires. This coating is usually done with the help of a foiling sheet. It can be present on a single pair of wire separately or all four pairs can be wrapped in one foiling sheet as well.

This extra shielding makes the cable more efficient and reliable against crosstalk and EMI properties. It allows the cable to deliver the signals at their full strength to its last end effectively.

Unshielded Cat6a Ethernet Cable

Cat6 unshielded cables have a missing extra coating shielding. They come with a normal spline separator that keeps the twisted pairs separate from each other. They are less expensive cables in comparison to shielded versions.

3.   High Data Transfer Rate and Bandwidth Capacity

The Cat6a cable is the augmented version of the old ones. They come with better specifications and qualities in comparison to them. The main enhanced feature of this cable is the data transfer speed rate and its increased bandwidth.

Data Transfer Rate

The augmented speed of the Cat6a cable is 10Gpbs up to 100 meters or 328 feet. If we compare it to Cat6 cable, it also provides the same data transfer speed but up to only 50 meters. Therefore, if you need to install a longer Ethernet cable with a higher data transfer speed then Cat6a is your cable. It comes with a 23AWG gauge as compared to Cat5e 24AWG. This means it is thicker and has the capacity of delivering more data at a faster speed to the networks.  

Increased Bandwidth

The bandwidth of the cat6 cable is 250MHz. it is augmented in this variant of Ethernet cable. You will get 500MHz bandwidth with a Cat6a cable. This augmented bandwidth makes the cable more efficient and effective in transferring data to longer distances.

4.   High-Quality Conductor Usage

The conductors used in the Ethernet cables impact highly on their performance. There are normally two types of conductors used in their manufacturing.

  • Pure Copper
  • Copper-Clad Aluminum

The cables with pure copper conductors are more efficient and reliable in comparison to the ones that come with copper-clad aluminum conductors. The pure copper conductor comes with the great feature of having less DC resistance. It allows the Ethernet cables to keep the signal strength strong all the time without losing any energy in the environment.

Whereas, Copper-Clad Aluminum conductors have a high DC resistance value. It means they lose more energy in the environment while delivering the signals. This is why Cat6a pure copper cable is recommended by network engineers.

5.   Best to Install in Harsh Environments

It comes in a reel of 1000ft in length. Most network engineers recommend this cable due to its numerous different qualities. One of them is its toughness against harsh conditions. You can use this cable where the temperature ranges between 0 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. It gives you outstanding speed and results and does not disappoint you by any means. 

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